Michał Getka

Szczecin, Poland
Polish, English
  • Warsaw University of Technology Automation and Robotics (M.Eng.)
  • West Pomeranian University of Technology Automation and Robotics (B.Eng.)


Hi, I'm Michał Getka, software engineer based in Szczecin, Poland.

I had my first contact with software development back in the primary school, when I really enjoyed playing around with web development. Those were the rough times when Internet Explorer was a tyrant king of the web and browser wars were our everyday life. Back then, we liked to call ourselves webmasters — the magicians who were responsible for all the aspects of the web development process — beginning from servers provisioning and configuration, ending on frontend styling and scripting. With this background, I feel fairly confident in a number of specializations that emerged in the field more recently — mainly as a sysadmin, backend developer and frontend developer. Nevertheless, systems administration and backend development are my primary fields of expertise. Of course lots have changed from the times of IE6 and, today I’m doing my best in keeping up with all the tools that cool kids use nowadays — CI/CD, automatic testing and other aspects of DevOps work culture, security engineering, containerization and distributed systems architecture patterns — to name a few of the subjects of my interests.

In the meantime, I have graduated in the field of industrial automation and robotics. Besides of having fun with the industrial robots, this gave me a solid foundations in the fields of mathematics, statistics, optimization, control theory, electronics design and embedded systems programming. In the past, this skill set allowed me to actively take part in a number of projects in the fields of space industries and computer networks on an engineering and scientific positions.

Privately, I’m a proud father of a brilliant little girl. I enjoy winter sports and assembling of LEGO Technic sets. I also see myself as new technologies enthusiast and Linux fanboy.